Priscilla Books

Front Cover of Priscilla Baby Book No 1: Knitting and Crochet in Silk and WoolPriscilla Centrepieces and Doilies, an Antique Crochet Pattern Book From 1915. Belle Robinson Was The Author.
Antique Priscilla Filet Crochet Pattern Book No 2

Many of the Priscilla books are not as hard to find as you might think, although a few of their titles do remain elusive. Dover Books has reprinted a few of the Priscilla titles, so you should hopefully have no problem finding those. If you insist on having an antiquarian first edition copy, those can be a bit harder to come by, but they are not impossible to find either.

I’ve listed some of the Priscilla pattern books below. If there is a clickable link, it means that I’ve made a page on this web site featuring photos and a detailed list of the projects that you will find in the book, plus resources to help you find a copy of the book if you are interested in purchasing your own.

Here are some Priscilla crochet books that are currently for sale on ebay. If you click on any of them, the link goes directly to the ebay auction for that particular book.

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