The Latest in Crochet, Designs and Adaptations by Jane C. Gilbert

An Art Deco Era Pattern Book Dated 1923 With Crochet Patterns For Beaded Bags Plus Clothing For Ladies and Children

This is a spectacular book called The Latest in Crochet, Designs and Adaptations by Jane C. Gilbert. The book was published by the H.K.H. Silk Company, manufacturers of Heminway Silks & Texto Artificial Silk Products. The book was published in New York City. Quoting from the first page of the book,

“The models shown here were designed and photographed especially for use in this book. They are the latest and most attractive bits of crochet that 1923 has to offer the home needleworker.”

Authentic Flapper Era Crocheted Beadwork Bag, Purse & Handbag Patterns Plus other Fashion Accessories

In this book are creative and artistic crochet patterns for lots of interesting projects. In my opinion, the highlight of the book is really the purse patterns! If you like the flapper look I think you will really appreciate these designs. The first handbag shown in the book is done in beadwork. It is called “The Barclay Novelty Bag”. This pattern combines crocheting & beads, for a stunning project!

The second bag is called “The Marquise” and the book describes it as a “Smart Bag of Medium Shape and of Spanish Coloring- Richer in tone and as effective as when done with the gay little metal beads”. It is gorgeous…it is definitely crocheted but when you look at the picture you might make the mistake of thinking it was made by knitting or weaving because of the colorwork. A really unusual design, and utterly charming! The pattern includes the chart for working.

Another flapper style beading project is included too, namely a belt (well, they refer to it as a “Girdle”!) with Oval Jet beads. It is called the “Francella Gray” and is described as “A Rich Looking Girdle That Will Make Any Gown Tres Charmante“. It includes a “Finish of Fringed Tassels”.

There is another belt pattern as well- this one is called the “Rosette Girdle”.

Crystelle- A ladies’ Cap “pour la matin”.

One more ladies’ pattern in this book is for a sweater called “The Elinore Carvel”. It is described as “A Knitted Jacquette”.

The rest of the crochet & knitting patterns in the book are projects to make for babies and children:

  • The Carelle- Pillow and robe- a simple carriage robe in easy stitch. Includes chart for working.
  • Rose Barry Tam for three to five year old girl (a really cute hat pattern!)
  • Beth’s Babykins Gift Set- Baby’s Coat, cap, and bootees (booties). Includes chart for working.
  • Pearls d’Amour – A Baby Set consisting of coat, cap/bonnet, robe and pillow. A sweet layette for your little one!
  • Pierette Cap
  • Treasurette- Baby’s Cap in filet crochet and solid stitch trimmed with rose buds.
  • Juniors’ Downe Coat- for the two or three year old boy and girl
  • Petite Buddy- Knitted Jumper Suit For the Wee Tot
  • Adrienne- Child’s Slip-Over for the two year old
  • Red Riding Hood Cape- a cape and cap for the small girl- 4 to 6 years

My copy of this book appears to be missing covers, but the pages are numbered 1 through 32, so apart from covers it seems to be complete. So, I am not totally sure what the original cover art of this magazine looks like, or for that matter what is on the back cover. If you have a copy of this book and you’d be willing to share a photo of the covers, please comment! I’d really appreciate it.

Where To Buy This Crochet and Beadwork Pattern Book:

To the best of my present knowledge, this book is rare, and you’re probably going to have a hard time finding it. However, you really never know when or where a copy will come up for sale. I’ve set up some searches at various online book sites to make it easy for you to search for this book. To search, all you have to do is click the links below.

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