My Trousseau by Anna Valeire

An Antiquarian Book of Crochet Patterns For Nightgown Yokes, Slippers, Edgings, Insertions, Medallions, Slippers, Millinery Trimmings, and More.

My Trousseau Book Cover, Featuring an Antique Crocheted Nightgown Yoke. Antique Crocheted Medallions, Edgings, and Insertions From The My Trousseau Book by Anna Valeire
Crocheted Fringe Trim, Edgings and Borders From The My Trousseau Book By Anna Valeire Medallion and Various Filet Crochet Corners and Insertions
Slippers and other crocheted items from the My Trousseau Book by Anna Valeire Crocheted Flowers, Botanical Motifs, and Floral Motifs From the My Trousseau Crochet Pattern Book by Anna Valeire
Antique Filet Crochet Nightgown Yokes From the My Trousseau Book by Anna Valeire Antique Crocheted Textiles From the My Trousseau Book by Anna Valeire
Antique Crochet Nightgown Yoke From the My Trousseau Book by Anna Valeire Antique Apron From the My Trousseau Book by Anna Valeire
Antique Crocheted Boudoir Cap From the My Trousseau Book by Anna Valeire Back Cover of the My Trousseau Book by Anna Valeire

Here we have a wonderful old book called My Trousseau, Showing the Crochet Work In It’s Lingerie & Linens. This was Book No 4 by Anna Valeire. The book was published by EC Spuehler in St. Louis, MO. The book is 16 pages long counting the covers, and it is illustrated in black and white. The book is undated but I would guess it to be from the Edwardian era. It might be older than that; it might be newer than that. However the use of the word “Trousseau” in the title is a dead giveaway that this is not a contemporary book- never mind the sweet, lovely, old-fashioned lingerie designs. These gals probably would have been scandalized at our idea of lingerie in the twenty-first century!

The designs shown in this book are gorgeous. There are yokes, an apron, a boudoir cap, slippers (2 different styles), a table runner, a doily, some insertions, some medallions, some edgings including a spectacular fringed edging and a gorgeous scalloped pillowcase edging, some corners, some kerchiefs, and some amazing crochet flowers- carnation, edelweiss, daisy, and cherries. The instructions mention using them to trim millinery. I bet you could come up with a lot of creative ways to use them, and they are lovely!
Also noteworthy is the “Window shade edging”, featuring little crocheted balls that resemble the pompoms on a pompom fringe.

The back cover of the book is an ad for other crochet, tatting, knitting, and needlework books that were available at the time. These are shown in miniature scale, and they are fun to look at. I always enjoy these, considering they give you ideas for what else to go looking for on the internet.

Where To Buy This Antique Crochet Book:

This book is relatively scarce. You’re likely to have a hard time finding an original of it. I do see them come up for sale periodically, and I’ve owned 2 different copies of the book in the past (both have been sold.)

Click here to check ebay. This search is likely to bring up any copies that happen to be available, either originals or reproductions. Please read descriptions carefully to be sure of what is being offered for sale.

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