Crochet & Tatting Manual: Panels, Edges & Motifs For Curtains & The Home: Book No. 2 by Anna Valeire

Over 60 Practical Designs With Instructions

Containing the Larger Pieces For Curtains, Table Covers, Bedspreads, Door Panels, Towels, Scarfs, and Napkins

Here we have a spectacular book filled with crochet & tatting patterns. “Over 60 practical designs with Instructions, containing the larger pieces for curtains, table covers, bedspreads, door panels, towels, scarfs, and napkins”. There are 2 pages of tatting, the rest is crochet. The book is set up so that the instructions for each item are printed right beside the picture of the item. The name of the book is “Crochet & Tatting Manual, Panels, Edges & Motifs for Curtains and the Home”, book no. 2. The author is Anna Valeire. My copy of the book is 14 pages, but I think that it may be incomplete; it appears to be missing the back cover. It was most likely 15-16 pages long originally. The book measures approx. 7 3/4 inches x 10 3/4 inches. Undated, but I am certain that it dates to the 1910’s-20’s, most likely mid 1910’s or thereabouts.

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