Beaded Bags in Crochet and Knitting Book No 13 by Anna Valeire

Vintage flapper-era 1920s beaded bags worked in crochet and knitting.

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Here we have a gorgeous craft pattern book called Beaded Bags in Crochet & Knitting Book no 13 by Anna Valeire. The publisher was E.C. Spuehler in St. Louis, MO. This pattern book 16 pages long counting the covers. It has a softcover/ paper binding. My copy of the book is undated, but someone wrote Feb. 1924 on the cover, along with a name and address and the words “Instructions for bead tassel”. Apparently 1924 was the year the former owner acquired the book…The bags do look like they are from the 1920’s. They are exquisite!
In this book are 10 patterns for making beaded purses /bags /handbags, plus a gorgeous flapper-style beaded belt, plus a beaded silk shoe buckle, plus 2 beaded necklaces- one is called “bead necklace” and the other is called “single tassel bead necklace”.

Only one purse in this book is knitted. Two are made from beads and silver mesh. The rest are crocheted. I am not sure about the technique used to make the belt- perhaps it is bead weaving- it does not appear to be knitting or crochet. It is made using steel beads, cut jet beads, and silk cord.

Where To Buy Anna Valeire’s Beaded Bags Knitting & Crochet Book:

Originals of this book are rare and very hard to find. So, I wish you the very best of luck if you want to own your own copy of this book. It isn’t going to be easy for you to find it.

Learn More About Anna Valeire:

Click here to learn more about Anna Valeire, and see some of the other antique crochet, tatting, knitting, beadwork and needlework pattern books that she authored.

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