E. C. Spuehler Crochet Books

Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies, a Book of Antique Crochet Patterns Published by E.C. Spuehler.My Trousseau, a Crochet Pattern Book Published by EC Spuehler of St. Louis, MO.Antique Crochet and Tatting Pattern Book By Anna Valeire Book of Authentic Flapper Era Crochet and Knitting Patterns For Beaded Bags and Purses By Anna Valeire

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Where to Buy E.C. Spuehler Antique Crochet Pattern Books:

EC Spuehler Crochet Books Currently For Sale on The Ebay Auction Site:

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When shopping for antique crochet patterns on ebay, be sure to read descriptions thoroughly to be sure of what you are bidding on, and keep in mind that some of the auctions you might find will not be for original antique pattern books. You might also want to read our helpful guide about Questions to ask before purchasing antique crochet pattern books. Please also check sellers’ feedback to be sure you are dealing with a reliable, trustworthy seller.

Other Places to Buy E.C. Spuelher Antique Crochet Pattern Books:

Ebay is the best source I know of to find E.C. Spuehler and other antique crochet pattern books, although you might also be lucky enough to find them at antique malls, flea markets, or estate sales.

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