World War I Era Corticelli Yarn Book

Lessons in Knitting and Crochet, Book 6

Antique Crochet and Knitting Patterns Dated 1917

Corticelli Yarn Book
Here we have a lovely softcover book dated 1917. It is Corticelli Yarn Book, Lessons in Knitting and Crochet, book number 6 published by the Corticelli Silk Mills. The original price of the book was fifteen cents. The book is a nice-sized 64 pages long including the back cover. The front cover is gorgeous! It shows a pretty girl with rosy cheeks wearing a blush-colored sweater.The projects in this book are really wonderful. They include some Red Cross garments for the Army and Navy-

“The following instructions were obtained from the American National Red Cross and Navy League of the United States to help women throughout the country who are at this time utilizing every available moment in making warm and comfortable garments for the boys who have responded to the call of our country in its present crisis…”

However, the majority of the patterns in this book are garments that were fashionable in 1917- a gentleman’s golf sweater, and many garments for ladies, including:

  • a boudoir jacket,
  • crocheted house jacket,
  • college tennis coat,
  • athletic sweater,
  • silk dresden sweater,
  • silk sport vest,
  • automobile bonnet and veil,
  • knitted girdle sweater,
  • knit motor coat,
  • child’s middy sweater,
  • child’s knit country club sweater,
  • child’s sleeping bag,
  • child’s crochet cap,
  • many pairs of various booties,
  • infant’s wild rose set, plus more.

One intriguing accessory that I adore is called the “bag cane”.

“Probably the present fad of knitting in all places and at all times first suggested the idea of attaching the bag to the walking stick. If a cane with a curved top is used it may be hung over the arm, the ball of yarn slipped into the bag and the ambitious pedestrian can enjoy her tramp and finish her piece of work at the same time. At the beach the cane is stuck in the sand conveniently near the worker. It is also a convenient way of carrying the purse, handkerchief and other accessories. The bag illustrated is crocheted in rose sweater silk and the edge is worked in fine gold thread.”

Need I say more? I WANT ONE, don’t you? 🙂 In this book there are 2 different patterns for these bag/cane combinations-take your pick between the 2! If you’re not so crazy about the cane idea, you could make the bag by itself- it is actually quite pretty and dainty.

My other favorite is the silk sport vest, which is really chic and sophisticated. The model in the book is wearing it over a white button down blouse, with a jaunty hat on her head. I just love the effect!

The back cover of the book is a Corticelli Mercerized Cotton ad. On the reverse side is an ad for more Corticelli instruction books. These all look like so much fun! The ad is a useful reference if you collect these old books.


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