Columbia Cottons Manuals

I’ve never actually owned any of the Columbia Cottons Manuals, but I know about them because I saw their ad in the Feb. 1916 issue of Home Needlework Magazine. Here is what the ad says:

These Books Make Crocheting Easy

The Columbia Cottons Manuals of Crocheting explain and illustrate every step in the making of all kinds of beautiful and useful articles. The Third Series gives full and clear instructions for making crochet laces, edgings, insertions, motifs, neckwear, belts, bags, slippers, towels, etc. The Fifth Series is devoted to infants’ and childrens’ caps. 10 cents each at your dealer’s or by mail.

Columbia Cottons should always be used for all crocheting and embroidering to get the best results. Unusually fine and durable. Made by the makers of the famous Columbia Yarns and right up to the same high standard of quality. Be sure to get the cottons with the Columbia trademark from your dealer.

  • Columbia Cottons Manuals of Crocheting
    • First Series
    • Second Series
    • Third Series
    • Fourth Series
    • Fifth Series
    • Sixth Series
    • Seventh Series
  • Columbia Manual of Cotton Crocheting: A Modern Revival of an Old Time Art
  • Columbia Filet Sweaters and Novelties by Anna Schumacker
  • Columbia Cottons and How To Use Them by Anna Schumacker
  • Columbia Bead Bags Book No. 17
  • Filet Sweaters Made of Columbia Floss by Anna Schumacker / 12 page leaflet (Circa 1919)

Where To Buy Columbia Cottons Crocheting Manuals:

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