Collingbourne’s Elgin Maid Book

A Crochet Pattern Book From 1920 Featuring patterns for bags, lingerie, linens, and other assorted items.

The Cover Art of Collingbourne's Elgin Maid Book features a lovely maiden spinning at her spinning wheel. One of the bags that you can crochet from the patterns in Collingbourne's Elgin Maid Book
Linens With Crocheted Edgings. Patterns Are From Collingbourne's Elgin Maid Book. A Collection of Hand Towels With Crocheted Edgings, From Collingbourne's Elgin Maid Book.

In this book, you will find crochet patterns for towels, yokes, boudoir linens, doilies, luncheon/bridge set, 2 bags/ purses, baskets, pincushions, & other small gifts.The cover of the book is really amazing! It features an illustration of an “Elgin Maid” (from Elgin, Illinois) spinning at her spinning wheel using Elgin Maid perle cotton. What a great ad! The graphics & photos in this book are truly lovely.The name of the book is Collingbourne’s Elgin Maid Book: Simple and Practical Designs, Crochet Etc, book no. 12. The book was edited and illustrated with simple instructions by Virginia Snow Studios. The book is 16 pages; it is softcover and measures approx. 7 3/4 inches x 10 1/2 inches. The only copy I’ve owned was dated 1920, but there may have been other editions of it.

The items in this book are all so dainty and pretty that it would be hard to choose a first project- you will want to make them all! The bags are especially nice, and ultra-fashionable right now. Unlike the instructions in many other various antique pattern books, which can get rather intricate and confusing, the bags in this book are very simple crochet that I think even a beginner would be able to do.

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That search is likely to bring up any available originals or reproductions of the book. Please read the description carefully to be sure of which is being offered. Good luck with your search! 🙂

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