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The Brainerd and Armstrong Silk Mill was located in New London, Connecticut. Brainerd and Armstrong manufactured silk thread, and was also well known for their needlework books, particularly their “Embroidery Lessons” series of books featuring colorful illustrations. I’ve owned several of their books in the past, and all of the ones I’ve owned have been delightful. Many of their publications, to the best of my knowledge, did not feature crochet patterns, concentrating mainly on embroidery patterns that utilized their silk embroidery flosses. However some of their books did feature crochet patterns as well.

Some needlework, crochet and embroidery pattern books published by the Brainerd & Armstrong Company:

(If the link is clickable, you can click to see more information about each of the books.)

The Last and Best Book on Art Needlework, Published By The Brainerd and Armstrong Silk Mills Company

Brainerd & Armstrong Books Currently Available For Sale on the Ebay Auction Site:

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Brainerd Armstrong Silk Mills in New London, Connecticut:

If you’re curious about what the Brainerd Armstrong Silk Mill looked like, you can see pictures of it that were advertised on various postcards. I’ve seen them come up for sale on ebay fairly frequently. If any are currently available for sale at the ebay auction site, they will appear in a list below.

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