Anna Wuerfel Brown Tatting and Crochet Book 8 AWB

An Antiquarian Book Featuring Crochet and Tatting Patterns For Clothing, Linens, Lace, Accessories and a Stunning Antique Purse.

This is an exciting antique pattern book filled with crochet patterns for garments, accessories, and linens. The book is “AWB Book Number Eight, Tatting and Crochet” by Anna Wuerfel Brown. The book dates back to the time period between the Edwardian era and World War One; it is copyright 1916. There are 16 pages including covers. The back cover is an ad for other lovely needlework and fancy work books that were available at the time from Richardson’s Silk Company.

Projects include crocheted bag; filet crochet centerpiece which can also be used as a child’s yoke if you eliminate the center; doily with shell edge; platter doily; doily with tiny squares; sandwich trays with crocheted doilies; basket work bag for your crochet ball and fancy work; dresser scarf in popular spider web design; a stunning scarf for library or dresser (filet crochet- includes charts); 9 beautiful towel designs; charming towel designs in embossed and embroidered filet; violet yoke design for chemise, corset cover, or gown, also good for a coat collar; design for large towels or scarf ends; edge for one-piece corset cover; medallion; baby cap in Irish crochet; baby booties of silk or linen with crochet trimmings; edging; star doily in tatting.

The design work is outstanding! These items are gorgeous!

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