Crochet Patterns: 1910’s

This page is a listing of antique crochet patterns and pattern books from the 1910s, organized by date. This is not a comprehensive list of all the 1910s crochet patterns you will find on this website; please visit the home page of our website to find even more of them. Click any of the photos or book titles on this page and you will be able to view more details, including photos of the patterns in the books plus listings of projects and patterns.


Antique Crochet and Cross Stitch Bedspread Pattern by Antonie Ehrlich


Front Cover of the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book, Vol 1 No 7 from 1916 mce_tsrc=


Corticelli Yarn Book

More Crochet Resources

This page was last updated on 6-6-2019.

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