Crochet Patterns: 1900’s

Bunches of outstanding crochet patterns, and complete crochet pattern books, became available during the 1900s. In regards to women’s clothing trends, this was an important transitional decade; women’s clothing, dresses in particular, became less elaborate (although still much more elaborate than what they would later become in the 1910s, 20s, 30s and after. )

Let’s take a look at a few of the crochet patterns and publications that were available at this time. This is not a comprehensive pattern list, but the list includes some lovely patterns.


In the September 1903 issue of Modern Priscilla magazine, there is an unusual pattern for a knitted shawl with a crocheted border.


The July 1905 issue of Modern Priscilla magazine includes an unusual pattern for a seven-pointed star design that they call a table mat. Otherwise, crochet is not the main focus of the issue.


A Vintage Crochet Baby Jacket, Which the Author of the Pattern Referred to as a Sack

The June 1906 issue of Modern Priscilla magazine includes some outstanding crochet patterns. One project in particular is a crocheted baby jacket, which the author of the pattern refers to as a “baby sack.”

The baby jacket looks like it would be a fascinating project. You would crochet a chevron-stitch yoke, plus a lovely textured crochet stitch for the main body of the jacket. A fancy, elaborate edging completes the look.

This isn’t the only baby pattern present in the June 1906 Modern Priscilla. There is also a pattern for a baby cap included as well. If I were writing the pattern description for this design, I would probably have used the word “bonnet” instead of “cap.” It’s so dainty and pretty that it’s hard for me to think of it as being a cap.

A Vintage Crochet Baby Hat, AKA Cap

It’s interesting to see how baby patterns have evolved and changed over the years, isn’t it? Many of today’s trendy babies are wearing cute little animal-themed hats with ears, which don’t at all resemble the baby hats of yesteryear.

Quite a bit of this issue’s contents focus on crochet. The magazine also includes some intricate textured Irish crochet patterns, including a square (pictured,) a band and a couple of medallions (not pictured).

All of these pieces are typical of crochet work you’d expect to see in this era. They are detailed and beautiful, with eye-catching accents that make each piece extra special.

A Vintage Irish Crochet Square

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