Crochet Patterns: 1890’s

In the 1890’s, crochet patterns were available from a number of resources, including women’s magazines, needlework books, and crochet pattern books. The following is a listing of some sources of 1890’s crochet patterns that I have compiled. It is not a comprehensive list; these are just some of the resources that I happen to know about.

1890’s Women’s Magazines

The Delineator:

The Delineator was a women’s magazine that featured fashion, needlework, and information of interest to homemakers. The following issues included crochet patterns in addition to other contents:

Victorian Era Crochet Infant's Hood Pattern From the Delineator Magazine, Dated April 1895Crochet Edging Pattern From the Delineator Magazine, Dated April 1895

  • April 1895 Delineator : This issue featured crochet patterns for an infant’s hood, and an edging. There are also knitting patterns for a plate doily, baby socks. Lots of other needlework too!

Home Needlework Magazine:

Child's Crochet Cap Pattern From Victorian Era 1899 Home Needlework Magazine

The following issue of Home Needlework Magazine from the 1890’s had crochet patterns included:

More Crochet Resources

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