Antique Crochet Patterns – Vintage Crochet Pattern Books

Vintage and Antique Crochet Books:

Softcover Staple-bound Crochet Books, Listed by Publisher:

American Thread Company / Star Needlework Books

Star Yoke Book, a vintage crochet pattern book dated 1921, published by the American Thread Company

See Also: Star Needlework Journals

Anna Wuerfel Brown Crochet Books:

AWB Anna Wuerfel Brown Antique Crochet and Tatting Pattern Book

Belding Bros. & Company Silk Thread Crochet & Embroidery Books

Belding Bros. Silk Crocheting and Embroidery Book Circa 1900

The Brainerd and Armstrong Company/ Brainerd Armstrong Silk Mills Books:

A Victorian Era Brainerd Armstrong Art Needlework Book

Bear Brand / Bucilla:

Bucilla is better known for their cross stitch and embroidery kits, but they also published books with crochet and knitting patterns.

An Antique Sweater Knitting and Crochet Pattern Book By Bear Brand

Collingbourne Mills/ Virginia Snow Studio

The Cover Art of Collingbourne's Elgin Maid Book, An Antique Crochet Pattern Book and Instructional Manual.Virginia Snow's Authority on Beaded Bags Necklaces Etc, a vintage pattern book featuring beadwork patterns to knit and crochet A Collectible Antiquarian Crochet and Needlework Pattern book titled Collingbournes Yokes Filet Cluny Tatting

Columbia Cottons Manuals

  • Columbia Cottons Manuals of Crocheting
    • First Series
    • Second Series
    • Third Series
    • Fourth Series
    • Fifth Series
    • Sixth Series
    • Seventh Series
  • Columbia Manual of Cotton Crocheting: A Modern Revival of an Old Time Art
  • Columbia Filet Sweaters and Novelties by Anna Schumacker
  • Columbia Cottons and How To Use Them by Anna Schumacker
  • Columbia Bead Bags Book No. 17

Corticelli Books:

The Corticelli Silk Mills/ Nonotuck Silk Co. of Florence, Mass

This Antique Crochet and Knitting Pattern Book was Published by The Corticelli Silk Mills of Florence, Mass.An Antique Pattern Book Called Corticelli Lessons in Crochet
Corticelli Lessons in Crochet Book. My Copy is Unfortunately Missing the Front Cover.Edwardian Era Vintage Corticelli Lessons in Crochet Book No 7


E. C. Spuehler

An Antique Crochet Pattern Book Called Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets and Doilies By Marie Antoinette HeesAntique Crochet and Tatting Pattern Book By Anna Valeire My Trousseau, An Antique Crochet Pattern Book By Anna ValeireVintage 1920s Book of Authentic Flapper Era Crochet and Knitting Patterns For Beaded Bags and Purses By Anna Valeire


  • Fleisher’s Knitting & Crocheting Manual

Heminway / H.K.H. Silk Company

Some of these pattern books have other needlework techniques in addition to crochet. Some of the Heminway books had beadwork patterns too. Please see individual book descriptions for more details.

J & P Coats / Coats & Clark

J and P Coats Crochet Cross Stitch and Tatting Book Number 14 by Anne Orr - Contains Cross Stitch Charts, Crocheted Table Linens and MoreJ and P Coats Crochet Book No 19 by Anne Orr, Featuring Collars Cuffs and Narrow Laces

See also: Crochet Pattern Designers > Anne Orr

Kloster / The Thread Mills Company

  • Kloster Book of Yokes, Corners & Edges: Designs From the Handiwork of Anna Valeire & Emma Farnes

The Mary Card Crochet Company

Mary Card Book No 1, and Antique Crochet Pattern Book Featuring Gorgeous Vintage Crocheted Linens and Projects

See Also: Crochet Pattern Designers > Mary Card

National Trading Company

An Art Deco, 1920s, Flapper Era Beadwork Pattern Book: New Bead Book by Emma Post Barbour Featuring Beaded Bags and Purses, Beaded Jewelry and More

Novelty Art Studio (Princess Books & Manuals)

Antique Crochet Pattern Book How To Crochet Cluny Laces by Marie Antoinette HeesPrincess Manual of Artistic Crochet, An Antique Pattern Book Published By Novelty Art StudiosCollectible Paper Antique Edwardian Era Crochet Pattern Book - Crocheted Novelties Featuring Vintage Clothing, Nightgown Yokes, Boudoir Caps and More

Priscilla Books

Front Cover of Vintage Priscilla Baby Book No 1: Knitting and Crochet in Silk and WoolVintage 1915 Crochet Doilies - Priscilla Crochet Centerpieces and Doilies Antique Pattern Book Featuring Linens and More

Antique Priscilla Filet Crochet Pattern Book No 2

Richardson’s Crochet Books

  • Richardson’s Complete Crochet Book no 2
  • Richardson’s Edgings and Insertions Book No. 3
  • Richardson’s Crochet Yokes
  • Richardson’s Complete Instruction Book for Silk and Cotton: Crochet Tatting Smocking
  • (Not a crochet book!) Richardson’s Complete Embroidery Book~ American Beauty Book by Elsa Barsaloux

Royal Society Crochet Lessons

Vintage Crochet Pattern Book - Royal Society Crochet Featuring Antique Yokes, Clothing, Vintage Linens and MoreRoyal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9, An Antique Instructional Pattern Manual For Crocheting
Vintage Royal Society Crochet Pattern Book Featuring Antique Crochet PatternsAuthentic Vintage Art Deco Era Crochet Pattern Book Featuring 1920s Flapper Fashion, Linens and More

Valley Supply Company

Vintage Edgings in Crochet Book 2 by Adeline Cordet

Crochet Techniques

More Outstanding Knitting and Crochet Resources

Learn How to Do Different Crochet Stitches

  • Crochet Chain Stitch
  • Crochet Slip Stitch
  • Single Crochet
  • Half Double Crochet
  • Double Crochet
  • Treble Crochet
  • Picot Stitch
  • Afghan Stitch Plus More Tunisian Crochet Stitches
  • Crochet Puff Stitch
  • Crochet Shell Stitch
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